I know it’s not quite spring *JUST* yet, but on my walk with Fern this morning things felt a little different, the sun seemed a little warmer, the sky looked a bit bluer, the wind wasn’t as sharp, and even in a few instances actually felt pretty nice.

March is a peculiar month–it brings with it the potential of the first hints of spring while simultaneously carrying the last grasp of winter (I’m not holding my breath over here, I fully expect at least one more massive snowstorm here in Omaha…).

I recently learned that on the oldest Roman calendars, March was the first month of the year, named after the god of war Martius or Mars, suggesting that military battles which had been paused during the coldest period of the year could now be restarted.

Resuming conflict seems about right… January is typically full of resolutions that by the end of February have puttered out, so what a great time on the calendar to re-set those commitments we’ve made to our better selves and continue looking inward with compassion while growing towards love.

With some thoughtful perspective, this March can be viewed as a deeply reflective month:

  • The full moon on the 7th is the Worm Moon, named because the year’s first sighting of earthworms indicates the winter ground has thawed and farmers can get back to working the land.
  • Daylight Saving Time begins on the 12th (something I wish they would make permanent!), stretching the afternoon a bit further into the evening.
  • The Vernal Equinox is on the 20th, when night and day are generally the same duration and officially the first day of spring.
  • Ramadan begins on the 22nd this year when our Muslim sisters and brothers devote themself to a month of fasting for purification and renewal.

I’m hoping this March can be a time of renewal for all of us, the beginning of newness as what has been dormant within during the winter can now blossom with the spring. And that’s my desire for my Enneagram one-on-one calls this month, that we can work together to bring forward all the goodness growing within our hearts.

If you’re interested in scheduling an Enneagram one-on-one session here’s your chance! To make that easy, here’s a link to my availability for March to help you schedule your next one-on-one session: Schedule Here.

Hope to connect soon!