I’m an Enneagram coach, bestselling author, speaker, non-profit consultant, and anti-human trafficking activist.

I‘m a contemplative activist, ecclesial provocateur, curator of unlikely friendships, instigator for good, witness to hope, and clergy for common people.
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Bestselling Author

Chris is the bestselling author of The Enneagram of Belonging, The Sacred Enneagram, Simple Spirituality, Friendship at the Margins, and Unexpected Gifts. He is known for his provocative storytelling and is a frequent contributor or frequently highlighted in publications such as Magnolia Journal, the Enneagram Monthly, IEA Nine Points, Enneagram Magazine, Duke University’s Faith & Leadership, Relevant Magazine, The Work of the People, and Washington Post’s “On Faith” section.

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Chris has lived with the teachings and traditional language of the Enneagram long enough to integrate and embody its insights, and he has found creative new ways to explain them to newcomers and to those familiar with the system.” Russ Hudson co-author of The Wisdom of the Enneagram


You can only lead others as far as you yourself have gone! Chris Heuertz is teaching from first hand experience. He has earned the right to speak because he has been there and lived there himself.” Father Richard Rohr

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A Center for Contemplative Activism

Chris co-founded Gravity with his wife, Phileena, for people who care about their spirituality and want to make the world a better place. Gravity offers public meditation sits, contemplative retreats, spiritual direction and pilgrimage.
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Enneagram Coach

Chris has worked with the Enneagram for over 10 years with individuals and communities, helping people understand the themes, tendencies, temptations, and traits of their type. Having studied with the Enneagram Institute and the Enneagram Studies in the Narrative Tradition, Chris helps people press into the core fear of their type as an invitation for growth and transformation. Contact

Non-profit Consultant

Over the past 20+ years Chris has been an active board member and consultant for nearly 2 dozen organizations in more than 15 countries helping non-profits develop organizational culture, build diverse boards of directors, evaluate life-cylces and life-phases of movements, and establish community values. Contact

Anti-Human Trafficking Activist

Chris’ fight against human trafficking began in 1994 when he helped create safe haven and jobs at a children’s home for women escaping India’s commercial sex industry. Since then, he has spent 20 year working alongside organizations in Bolivia, India, Moldova, Romania, and Thailand that establish small businesses and micro-enterprise initiatives as alternative means for women in prostitution. Chris has written extensively on the issue, his articles include projects for the ONE Campaign and have been featured in publications such as the Washington Post. Chris also contributed to the book Sexually Exploited Children: Working to Protect and Heal. In 2003 Chris was selected by the US State Department to participate in a global consultation, the international conference on “Pathbreaking Strategies in the Global Fight Against Sex Trafficking” convened by then Secretary of State Colin Powell. Chris leads the Vocare Speaker Series in the fight against human trafficking. Get Involved with Vocare