Part 1: What is the Enneagram?

In this opening session Chris breaks down the basics of how the Enneagram has been used to break conditioned patterns, psychic defense mechanisms, and how it works through the three levels of consciousness. He addresses the question of “nature vs. nurture” as well as explores the ways we create illusions of self through our Enneagram types. Chris also breaks down the three fundamental esoteric teachings contained in the Enneagram symbol itself. This session concludes with an explanation of the various forms the Enneagram has taken over the past hundred years.

Part 2: A Conflicted and Contested History of the Enneagram

The disputed origins of the Enneagram have led to sloppy and inconsistent scholarship around its history. In this session Chris traces the known and speculated roots of this teaching in its probable ancient expressions as well as the modern versions that have recently become culturally appropriated. The session concludes with six practical pathways forward to expose and heal the shadow of this teaching.

Part 3: Fundamentals and Foundations—The Centers of Intelligence

It’s been suggested that if you can understand the Enneagram’s Centers of Intelligence then you understand the entire system. Understanding the stacking of the Centers actually shows us the preconscious rails personality is set upon. In this session Chris breaks down the Centers through their ability to guide one’s own growth in discernment, integration, and abilities to better understand what’s often unnoticed in our perceptions of reality.

Part 4: What do we Mean by Type?

With so many competing versions of the Enneagram of Personality it’s helpful to have a common understanding of the basics for Type. In this session Chris breaks down three distinct interpretations of Type and then deconstructs the basics of Type structure.

Part 5A: A Curated Summary of the Enneagram’s Color Wheel Session 1

Mapping the energy flow around the circle through energetic impacts, Chris describes the contours of the ego from the experience of the Enneagram’s so-called “Childhood Wounds” or Kidlife Crises and then looks through the prism of the various building blocks of each Type’s psychic structure to offer each Type a compassionate sketch of possibility for who we can become when we find the best of ourselves.

Part 5B: A Curated Summary of the Enneagram’s Color Wheel Session 2

A continuation of the previous sections and a conclusion exploring the various theories of the Enneagram symbol’s interior crisscrossing lines.

Part 6: Contending with Our Shadows

What does it mean to develop an honest relationship with our Type? In this session Chris introduces the concept of belonging through classic struggles to discover identity, break free from addictive programs for happiness, and concludes with the historic and parallel temptations of the Buddha and Christ in their own journeys to become more human.

Part 7: A Perpetual Fractal of Triads

One of the greatest proofs of the Enneagram is its triadic, fractal nature—consistently replicating itself in patterns of three. In this session Chris offers fresh and innovative ways of understanding the Harmony Triads and the Dominant Affect Groups (as they relate to Object Relations Theory).

Part 8: Nurturing a Contemplative Spirituality

Once you know and understand your Type what good is it if you can’t put that knowledge to work? In this practical session Chris explains the nature of contemplative spirituality and practice by aligning each Enneagram Type with a unique combination of an interior contemplative posture supported by a mindful contemplative intention leading to the ground-breaking application of what he means by the Sacred Enneagram.

Part 9A: Living With and Beyond Type—Putting the Enneagram to Work Session 1

The last three sessions of this online video training course are explanations and guided contemplative practices aligned with each of the Centers of Intelligence. This first guided practice is a centering practice for the Heart Center but explained in a way that is applicable to all Types.

Part 9B: Living With and Beyond Type—Putting the Enneagram to Work Session 2

Flowing from Part9A in this session Chris guides participants through a contemplative memory practice for the Head Center.

Part 9C: Living With and Beyond Type—Putting the Enneagram to Work Session 3

Flowing from Part9B in this session Chris guides participants through a contemplative welcoming practice for the Body Center.