05 May 2020

Enneagram Mapmakers Interview with Michael Goldberg


In this episode Michael Goldberg talks about mythology and the Enneagram. He reflects on learning the Enneagram from his old neighbors, Óscar Ichazo’s Arican Institute. Michael also asserts the wings are more important than our Enneagram base point, or our dominant the, explaining this through thoughts on how movement is essential in working our Enneagram type.

Michael is a writer, speaker and consultant, he is also a long time teacher of the Enneagram approach to personality types. His books include The 9 Ways of Working: How to Use the Enneagram to Discover Your Natural Strengths and Work More Effectively and his brilliant work mapping the Enneagram through Homer’s epic poem, The Odyssey in Travels with Odysseus: Uncommon Wisdom from Homer’s Odyssey.



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  1. Amy

    Considering type as “a resolution of the pull of the wings” – that’s really helpful! As a 9 (probably), I’ve been intrigued by the tension of being told I’m “asleep” when my internal energy can feel so….intense and complex. I get that I seem neutral externally much of the time, but I gotta say, it does not feel neutral internally. But if I consider that I’m the “resolution of the pull” of an 8 and a 1, I get why I (and all 9s) might feel tired or want to numb out a little. That’s a lot of energy to resolve. 🙂

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