19 May 2020

The Enneagram of Belonging

On today’s episode, Chris and his producer Corey are talking about the Enneagram of Belonging. Corey and Phileena (Chris’s wife) surprise Chris with several of his friends and family to be a part of a special episode celebrating the release of Chris’s new book in a time when there is no book release party or book tours.

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  1. Allison

    Hey, Chris,
    I have been wanting to offer a response to your Mapmakers podcasts for a while. i am OLD (ok, I’m 55 and I have not ever responded to a podcast or a blog before so I may not even be where I am meaning to be to say this, so I hope you bear with me. I have only recently encountered the Enneagram, by way of required reading in the spiritual direction program I have just completed. It took a bit for it to really catch my attention, but wow – it sure has, and I am in the midst of taking a deep dive into this amazing framework. All I really want to say to you, right now, is thank you for this series of interviews! It has been so very, very helpful in offering me perspectives that quickly let me know of the depths far beyond “what’s my type” and also has pointed me toward the teachers I will want to pursue. One of whom, clearly, is yourself. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    I just finished Sacred Enneagram, and your new book is on my table ready to be opened. I have both workbooks too, so now there must be a happy little puppy in heaven named –


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