14 April 2020

Enneagram Mapmakers Interview with Ginger Lapid-Bogda

Today’s guest on Enneagram Mapmakers is Ginger Lapid-Bodga, PhD. In this conversation, Chris reflects with Ginger on the difficulties in typing, as well as how common mistyping is for so many of us. Ginger also shares how she first learned the Enneagram in a workshop at the Esalen Institute led by Helen Palmer, and about her own journey of coming to peace with type. Not a fan of personality systems, Ginger explains how we are much more than the categories that some renderings of type reduce us to.

A former President of the International Enneagram Association, Ginger is one of the world’s leading experts on applying the Enneagram in corporate settings. Learn more about her work with The Enneagram in Business. Ginger has also published several excellent books on the Enneagram including her most recent, The Art of Typing.

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  1. Amy

    I was so thankful you asked her about her honesty and comfort with herself. Throughout the interview I was pondering this – she’s able to be very direct and honest about herself with limited inferences to shame. I’m a therapist and I have a lot of 2s referred to me. I have wondered, can 2s get to a level where they feel really sure of themselves and can speak very directly without the encumbering self-consciousness that seems almost inevitable in a 2s minute-to-minute experience? It seems that it would be helpful for them, but I’m just not sure how to support them in getting there. I’ve seen this confidence and lack of self-consciousness in less than a handful of other 2s in the environments where they feel sure about how others in the room feel about them. I would really love to know more about her process for getting there across the various areas in her life. Perhaps as she mentioned at the end, that she has focused on being real and others being real. I’m excited for this podcast and have learned a ton, and have lots to reflect upon. Thank you to all who have contributed hard work and pieces of themselves to make this happen.

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